Monday, November 10, 2008


Retreats with Sister Ishpriya

St Joseph's Camp at Russian River--June 8th p.m. to June 12 a.m.
This retreat is especially for Satsang members and by invitation to people who have been coming to Sister Ishpriya's retreats for some years. Sister Ishpriya would like to go deeper with this experienced group,
therefore, it will not be open to beginners or to those who have never been exposed to her silent retreats. The accommodations are more rustic (that is, communal bathrooms) and not suited to those with physical limitations.

San Damiano, Danville--June 21st 3:00 p.m.
Today and most of the 22nd will focus on meditation practice and  contemplative prayer for beginners.  It will segue into the retreat that begins the evening of June 22. (see below) Contact San Damiano

San Damiano--June 22nd p.m. to June 26th a.m.
Silent Retreat    Contact San Damiano

House of Prayer, Carmel--June 12th p.m. to June 16th a.m.
Satsang for members.

Information will be sent out for St. Joseph's Camp and for  the Satsang at Carmel.  Any questions may be directed to   or